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5 Action Cameras Suggestion for Vlog Attractants

In this period when the weather is getting warmer and closer to the holidays, we have looked at 5 successful action cameras that you can record all these memories.

With the arrival of summer months, people started to go out. While most of the university finals have been left behind, other teaching units will soon start their summer vacation. With the beginning of the summer vacation, people who will have more opportunities to travel outside will normally focus on different activities.

These activities include vlogger, which has become one of the popular hobby/professions of recent years. With YouTube being popular, people who shoot a variety of videos and reach those masses with massive amounts of video will find the time for their work in the summer. As it is in every business, some equipment must be taken for this. At the beginning of this equipment is the camera. Although the camera of our smartphones is very advanced, for example, it can drop us off when it comes to video at the vlog level. Rather than smartphones, you may experience problems in many subjects, especially at the beginning, action cameras developed for such situations come to the forefront.

Today we will introduce 5 affordable action cameras that will enable you to record the activities you have done in the summer months and to make sound videos. With these cameras, you can share your summer vacation with the people who follow you.

SOOCOO C30R WiFi 4K Controlled Action Camera

It has a camera that allows 4K video capture, a Gyro feature and a special red light filter for underwater shots. The camera comes with many accessories, and thanks to the wide-angle lens that can go up to 170 degrees, it can capture your dreams. The camera capable of shooting up to 30 meters at sea is considered one of the best choices for your summer months.

Xiaomi Yi Lite Action Camera

Again, Xiaomi and again succesfull of quality at affordable price. The camera comes with the Exmor Image Sensor and the Hi3556 signaling set, allowing for 130 minutes of recording at 1080p resolution with a full battery. The camera allows you to shoot images up to 4K, allowing you to share images and videos directly from social media accounts by connecting with your smartphone. The camera can swim under water to 40 meters, it can cheer up your summer months.

SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Action Camera

The camera comes with 4K of attractive quality, with touch-screen display, anti-vibration gyroscope sensor, external and internal microphone support. The device with a recording capacity of 110 minutes has 16 MP Panasonic MN34120PA sensor. The camera that comes with the Novatek 96660 chipset will make people happy with grabbing, especially thanks to the view point of the camera lens.

SJCAM M20 Action Cameras

The M20, the first and only remote-controlled model of the SJCAM brand, offers resolution support from 2K to 4K. Sony’s 16MP IMX206 sensor and Novatek’s NTK96660 chipset come with a 166-degree wide-angle sensor.

SOOCOO C10S WiFi Full HD Action Camera

The SOOCOO C10S, the most affordable action camcorder on the list, allows you to record 30fps video in Full HD quality. The device with a built-in microphone and loudspeaker comes with Novatek’s 96655 chipset. With a 900 mAh battery, the device has a 90-minute shooting time and is capable of shooting under 30 meters of water.

If these are not the cameras you are looking for in the summer months, click here to browse other action cameras on the Teknostore. Action cameras are preferred because they are not as big and heavy as normal cameras.

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