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4 New Features Apple Will Deliver With iOS 12.2

Apple is expected to release the iOS 12.2 update later this month. What new features will the iOS 12.2 bring to the iPhone and iPad users?

Different iOS 12.2 versions are being tested by developers since the early days of the year. New AirPods will have the support of geliş Hey Siri onelik or the developments in Apple News subscriptions. Here are some new features that are expected to be available to users with the final version of iOS 12.2.

Geographical ECG Limitation

Because the ECG feature in Apple Watches requires the approval of local healthcare facilities, Apple has introduced ECG functionality only in some states of the United States. But with iOS 12.2, this limitation is getting harder and users can set up the installation via an iPhone with a SIM card inserted and positioned by an operator. If you take your iPhone to airplane mode or remove the SIM card from your device, you receive an error during installation.

AppleCare in the Warranty Information and Settings Menu

Apple, with iOS 12.2, makes the warranty status of the device more clear. If you go to the yardım about ‘section after entering the settings menu, you will see a new system entitled’ new device help Ayar. With this system you can easily check the warranty terms and conditions.

This feature allows users to purchase AppleCare directly from the system as it saves users from installing AppleCare. The feature is disabled in iOS 12.2 beta, but is expected to be activated with the release of the final version.

Event Rings at Wallet

The Wall Street Journal reported in February that Apple, along with Goldman Sachs, could set spending targets and work on a credit card to integrate with Apple Wallet. According to the information, Wallet application in iOS 12.2 will have Activity Rings where users can control their expenses. These rings or counters will have a similar working principle as in Apple’s fitness practice.

AirPower Support

Apple’s iPhone X, but introduced in conjunction with the AirPower launch, will be released on March 25 with a launch. iOS 12.2 will have AirPower support for devices. Therefore, the final version of iOS 12.2 is expected to be released immediately after the event on March 25th.

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