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3500 Km Walking from Norway to Canada in 75 Days, the young fox, broke the record

We’re used to the migration of animals. The best-known example is that birds change their position when temperatures change. Recently, a very talked event occurred in Norway. The Arctic (near the Arctic) fox, which set off from the Norwegian Svalbard Islands, reached Canada for 76 days.

The fox, which traveled 46.3 km per day on average for 76 days, passed over sea ice and glaciers. A total of 3.506 km of foxes, while some days go slow and rest some days 155 km road, the Norwegian Polar Institute scientists were observed thanks to the tracking device installed on the fox.

The fox who set off from Norway to search for food is not even 1 year old. “This is the fastest animal migration ever recorded,” the Norwegian Arctic Institute reported. expression. The previous fastest animal migration record was recorded in Alaska as an adult fox that traveled 113km a day.

Eva Fuglei, a writer at the Norwegian Arctic Institute, said: “At first we could not believe our eyes. At first, we thought he might have been dead or moved there by boat, but there were no ships in the area. We were confused.

The fox, who traveled 512 km on sea ice for 21 days without any damage, amazed even the scientists. The fox fed the sea creatures until it reached Ellesmere Island, and then met the need for food with wild rats.

El This is an indication of how important the sea ice is to the wildlife in the Arctic, Ola said Ola Elvestuen, Minister of Climate and Environment, Norway. The heat in the north is creepy. During the summer we have to reduce emissions quickly to avoid the destruction of all sea ice. ”

3500 Km Walking from Norway to Canada in 75 Days, the young fox, broke the record
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