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3 Turkish Scientists Produced Cells Fighting Against Cancer

3 Turkish scientists have achieved success in the scientific world. To combat cancer cells, warrior cells that kill these cancer cells were developed.

Cancer, considered to be one of the greatest diseases of our time, is being investigated by many scientists around the world. As a result of the researchers, the last good news came from 3 Turkish scientists. Bioengineers Tolga Sütlü, MD Prof. Dr. Adil Doğanay Duru and Professor Dr. As a result of the studies conducted by Batu Erman, warrior cells against cancer were produced.

The project, which is called cellular immunotherapy, envisages that the patient will reach the cells of the immune system in the blood taken from the body and be reprogrammed to fight the cancer cells. The project was published in the European Journal of Immunology (European Journal of Immunology).

Speaking to clarify the subject, Tolga Sütlü added that there were two main groups of cells that could be used in our immune system:

The first of these and the more popular T cells. The other is NK (Natural Killer-natural killer) cells. In recent years, it is the most prominent and pioneering cellular immunotherapy approach in cancer therapy that attracts the head of CAR-T cells. CAR-T cells, which currently show great clinical success, can target molecules on the surface of cancer cells and distinguish and kill them from healthy cells. In our study, the TCR-NK cells that we developed in our study are working with a different mechanism than the CAR-T cells and are the cells that can target not only the surfaces of the cancer cells but also the molecules within them, they can reach the places where the CAR-T cells cannot reach. 

They said that they prepared cells against cancer cells by modifying the cells and it took 2-3 weeks to prepare the cells. The patient’s immune system from cells taken from a few million cells starting from a few billion cells indicating that Sütlü, TUBITAK application for this project, said they did.

Scientists who took action for the 2nd step of the patent application announced that they plan to use this treatment method in skin cancer patients within 3 years if they get back from TÜBİTAK.

3 Turkish Scientists Produced Cells Fighting Against Cancer
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