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27 shortcut key to Provide You to Use Photoshop like a Professional

If you use or want to use Photoshop, the shortcuts in this news will be of great use to you.

Nowadays, when it comes to photo editing, the first application that comes to mind is Photoshop. From the most amateur to the most professional, everyone uses photoshop to edit photos. Photoshop is becoming easier to use every day, photoshop is a great application to remove a pimple on your face and to make it look you’re in front of the Pisa tower. Today we will show you 27 shortcut key that will let you use Photoshop just like a graphic artist. By learning to use these keys, you can achieve extremely successful images in Photoshop.

 -Basic Command Shortcuts

Ctrl + N

Opens a new workspace

Ctrl + S
It records the work you do.

Ctrl + Shift + S
The work you do records differently.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S
It transfers your work out.

Ctrl + Z
The last change you made in the work rolls back.

Ctrl + Alt + Z

Undo changes you make Usthe work up to 1000 times. If this setting does not roll back after a few moments, you can use Ctrl + K to set it in the Performance window. You can also follow the wording changes in the Window-History window

Ctrl + R

It is one of the essential features of a photoshop especially used by graphic artists. It is even so important that the layout may shift if it is not used. If you still do not know what it does, let’s just say it opens a ruler.

  -User Interface Shortcuts


It allows you to uninstall the tools and run the full screen.

Changing the Background Color of a Workspace

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll
When we do a detailed study, we are all close enough to see the pixels. Using this shortcut we can move right or left in the study.

Ctrl + Tab
this shortcut lets you switch between Photoshop tabs.

Ctrl + W
It is used to close your working file.

  -Brush shortcut

Caps Lock

this shortcut is used to change the cursor of the Brush.

    -Color Change Shortcuts

this shortcut changes the colors you use to black and white.

Brings the rear color forward for use.

Ctrl + U
Opens the color values. (RGB, vividness and black-and-white balance)

Ctrl + İ
This shortcut changes the contrast values in the selected layer

Alt + Backspace
this shortcut paints the work area with selected color.

Ctrl + Backspace
this shortcut paints the work area with the second color.


   -Layer shortcut

Digit Keys
Press any number key to change the opacity value of the selected layer.

Shift + Click
It is used to select each object between the layers you specify starting and ending.

Ctrl + Click
It is Used to select only the layers you specify.

Ctrl + J
It is used to copy the selected layer.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E
Copies and pastes the layers you have on them.

-Sizing Shortcuts

Ctrl + T
It is used to turn the layer clockwise or counterclockwise. While doing this, you can press Ctrl to turn it to a 15 degree angle.

Alt + Shift + Mouse Dragging
It is used to copy and paste the layer to the same axis.

Shift + Mouse Dragging
It is used to drag the layer to the same axis.

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