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2019’s Most Popular Websites Have Been Determined: The King Is On The Top As Usual

SimilarWeb announced 2019’s most visited websites. While Google did not leave the summit to anyone in the list, Amazon and Netflix couldn’t find the top ten.

Perhaps the biggest competition in the Internet era may be the number of users entering the internet sites. The primary purpose of companies working on the Internet is of course that most users visit their sites.

In this way, their popularity throughout the world increases and they can be immortal in the internet world. Most of us know the owner of the summit. Of course Google. So how’s the sequel? Let’s take a close look at the most popular websites visited in March 2019, shared by SimilarWeb. Here are the top five rows of the list:

As mentioned above, Google sits at the top of the list. In March, Google was visited 63.16 billion times. The continuation of the list is YouTube with 25.19 billion visits and Facebook with 21.18 billion.

Baidu may have a website that is not familiar among the top five, Baidu with a number of 10.53 billion visitors. This site is a search engine that was established after Google was banned by the Chinese government. When you enter the Internet site “Fastening this Google.” You might say. You’re right.

It is also in Wikipedia that we have been banned for a long time in the list, but we still have to reach it when we want to learn. Wikipedia’s number of visitors in March is 5.27 billion.

Now let’s look at the next set of quintets.

Yahoo was initially only established as a search engine. After that, many innovations were introduced and became the current portal. Even though its popularity has decreased over the years, the number of Yahoo’s visitors at the 6th time is 4.07 billion. It is surprising that Twitter and Instagram, one of the most popular social media applications of recent years, are behind Yahoo.

The two social media platforms, with a significant difference between them, are listed on the list with the number of visitors from 4.02 billion and 3.16 billion.

Yandex, known for its similarity to Google Chrome and even stolen claims, is very popular in Russia. The number of visitors to the search engine is 3.13 billion. In the tenth place of the list, we see a project closely related to the website developers.

Amp Project is a standard that allows for faster opening of mobile websites and showing the HTML version of the site. With the special techniques it uses, it facilitates the work of the website owners. The number of AMP visitors is 2.64 billion.

Amazon, Live, VK, and Netflix find their place on the list. Web sites with pornographic content were not included in the list. However, when these sites are included in the list, there are two pornographic websites on the 7th and 8th places of the list.

2019’s Most Popular Websites Have Been Determined: The King Is On The Top As Usual
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