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11 Music Etched Into Our Minds By Disney Animations

One of the first things that come to mind when Disney is mentioned is the musical animations and the songs that come into play. In this content, we gathered iconic Disney songs together.

Music has always played an important role in Disney’s productions. The company has many famous songs. Some of these songs became very bad, but some of them became iconic.

We’ve put together a list of music from Disney’s own company.

Alice in Wonderland – Painting the Roses Red / March of the Cards:

In the original film Alice in Wonderland, the queen’s echo is the march of trick-playing deck soldiers. The film’s music remained in the classroom in general, and to be honest, the song Alice in Wonderland comes to mind is Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit.

Hercules – I Won’t Say:

It’s the song Meg created by Hades trying to hide her feelings for Hercules. Engaged in everything 5-in-1 Meg’s discussion mode with the older sisters, the song had become quite popular. In 1997, Susan Egan, who sang the song in the production, was convinced to accept her love.

Beauty & The Beast – Be Our Guest:

A doomed, anger-trapped prince is singing for Belle, the cursed castle people. In the meantime, they tell their sad past. This song, which was quite entertaining, was also visually enjoyable and psychedelic.

101 Dalmatians – Cruella Song:

The vu, who is obsessed with wearing a dog leather outfit, decides to kill dozens of puppies for this purpose. It is worth remembering that this song is from 1961. In the song, we basically learn what kind of trouble that Cruella is.

Aladdin by A Whole New World:

This song of Aladdin, which opens the doors of a whole new world for princess Jasmine, has a sequence that starts above the flying carpet (which may be the smartest being in the whole production) and rises above the clouds. After the success of cinema, he found himself as a cartoon series. The film, which was recently re-shot with real actors, has not been a huge success. The original film was most memorable with Blue Gin, performed by the late Robin Williams.

The Lion King – Circle of Life:

Circle of Life, a great song that no one knew, but everyone sang, attracted great attention with the lyrics coming from different languages ​​and the rhythm flowing. The song, composed by Sir Elton John, was played in the part where Simba was introduced to the people of Savannah after his birth. Since then, the song is almost everyone’s favorite song… if you haven’t lost your heart to another song recently released.

Frozen – Let It Go.

The film Frozen was clearly home to Let It Go, one of the most successful Disney songs of recent years. The first heir to the throne of Arendele, Elsa, an uncontrolled force on the ice, was closed to the castle because there was no Professor Charles Xavier in their kingdom. Then, when his power was exposed, he started to live in the mountains and live there, but later learned to use his powers. The song was so delighted by Disney executives that Elsa, who was considered a bad character in the original story, was changed.

The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World:

Ariel, our little mermaid, wants to enjoy walking, dancing, walking and living on the streets with her legs and her beloved. In the song we hear his enthusiasm and dreams. Though the little mermaid story ends happily at Disney’s end with the intervention of Poseidon’s brother softened by Disney, it is, like all other fairy tales, a dark story.

Pocahontas – Colors of the Wind:

In Pocahontas, we see the love of John Smith and a young woman coming down from the mountains to the shores of Virginia with a raccoon. Disney took the romance of Pocahontas, a tragedy from start to finish, and turned it into a love story, inventing a romance between John Smith and Pocahontas. Here, Pocahontas sings a song with the theme “Look at nature, harmony, peace and so on.

Peter Pan – You Can Fly:

Peter Pan, who takes children to a country that does not exist, encourages children to fly, asking how to get there. By flying, we are talking about traveling in the air in real terms. Story, song and character are so popular that the concept of Peter Pan syndrome has emerged today.

Toy Story – You’ve Gor a Friend in Me:

Aside from the fact that if I didn’t put this song on, we would have betrayed the childhood of many people, including mine, it’s a very entertaining, very enjoyable song, and nostalgic lyrics.

Aladdin – Friend Like Me:

In this song from Robin Williams’ Blue Genie, he says he can’t have a friend like O2, he can give us everything I want. This song, which is both enjoyable to watch and listen, creates a separate nostalgia for those who have seen the film in childhood.

Lion King – Hakuna Matata:

Hakuna Matata is a great song, but it is one of the most famous songs of Alsan King with its words like bak Enjoy the moment, enjoy it ’and the chanting sentence. The song of Pumba and Timon also deserves special mention.

A Goofy Movie – Eye to Eye:

Goofy. Disney. Just watch.

11 Music Etched Into Our Minds By Disney Animations
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