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11 Little Known Features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application, has many conveniences in terms of communication. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the very unknown and useful features of the application. Once you know the features on the list, your dominance on WhatsApp will increase greatly.

WhatsApp, which embeds SMS and MMS in history, has now become one of our biggest mobile communication tools. There are, of course, many alternatives on the market that are produced by both domestic and foreign companies. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp seems to be one step ahead as it offers the possibility of reaching more people with its weight.

So what do we use WhatsApp for? Only for individual or group chats, voice or video calls? There’s more. For example, you can send your photos without losing resolution, you can save your internet package, you can send mass messages without establishing a group. Let us explain how to use these features without further ado.

Before you begin, you can click the links below to download or update WhatsApp:

You can click here to download WhatsApp Web.

1. WhatsApp data saving:

WhatsApp data saver

Especially when you are not connected to any Wi-Fi network, voice or video WhatsApp calls over your mobile internet can be the enemy of your quota. To balance and reduce the amount of data that conversations spend, follow these steps:

whatsapp veri tasarrufu

Touch the “three dots” symbol in the top right corner on the home screen,
Tap Settings,
Tap the Data and storage line,
Check the box “Low data usage” at the bottom.
Note: The audio and video quality of your calls may decrease.

2. WhatsApp storage settings:

It is possible to see how much internet data you spend in the conversations you make through WhatsApp with the amounts per user. You can also see how many photos, videos, audio, and files you’ve shared with which person. For this;

Touch the “Three Dots” symbol in the top right corner of the main screen,

Tap Settings,
Tap on “Data and storage usage”,
Tap the Storage usage line,
You can access detailed information by tapping on the people whose details you want to view:

In addition: With the Yönet Manage Messages ”button at the bottom right, you can delete the conversation-specific data in the desired category. In this case, you will only clear your conversations with the person or group of your choice while your data in the other conversations stop.

Note: If there are important documents and images in the interview, do not forget to make a backup.

3. WhatsApp location sharing and live location tracking:

You can share “instant location tracking le with your contacts. Location data can be transmitted to the other party in real time. This is a very useful feature when it comes to the safety of your family and loved ones. For this:

Touch the paper clip ”symbol on the messaging screen as usual,

Touch the location symbol to display the location sharing screen,
Click on the paylaş Share current location ”line,
From the screen that opens, choose how long you want to share your location (15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours)

Note: Instant location shares have a time limit. The other party can follow you instantly from the moment you share, for the duration you set. Don’t worry, you can end instant tracking by clicking on the share before the time is up.

4. WhatsApp 2-step verification:

You need to activate an additional security feature in order to securely message on WhatsApp and to protect your information from spyware. By default, the application sends an SMS code during initial setup. Two-step verification prevents the possibility of accessing your WhatsApp account from a different phone. To do so, proceed as follows:

Go to Settings,
Touch Account,
Tap the “Two-step verification” line,
Set a 6-digit password, confirm your password,
Enter your email address, confirm your email address,
You can change your password and email address at any time.

5. WhatsApp user information download:

As with Facebook and other social media platforms, you can request information from your WhatsApp profile from within the application. This information will be prepared by the application upon your request and sent to you in the form of a .ZIP file. There will be no messaging backups in the file. The file will be sent to you via WhatsApp within two to three days. You can back up the file you received. To apply:

Go to Settings,
Touch Account,
Tap the et Request account information ”tab,
Press the “Request” button.
Note: If you delete an account or change numbers during this time, your request will be canceled.

6. WhatsApp font styles:

You can also highlight private messages as desired. Are you saying something important, write in bold type. Do you want to share a poem, type in italics, or share a list?

To type in italics: _text_
To type in bold: * text *
To type a strikethrough: ~ text ~
7. Listening to WhatsApp voice messages from the handset:

If you hold the phone to your ear while listening to voicemail, the sound of the message will begin to come from the handset of the device as you would in a telephone conversation. Free to try 🙂

8. Sending bulk messages in WhatsApp:

The only way to send bulk messages on WhatsApp is not to create a group:

On the Chats tab, tap the three dots at the top right,
Touch “new bulk message” from the drop-down menu.
You can select the people to whom you want to send your bulk message and write your message.

9. Sharing WhatsApp messages as TXT:

You can share WhatsApp conversations in any way you want by making a file in TXT format. For this;

Open the conversation you want to send, it can be a person or a group.
Tap the menu in the top right corner, if available, tap “More”,
You can choose “share chat” by touching “Export chat”.
Tip: You can send important chats regularly to your own email address.

10. Personalized reply in WhatsApp groups (Only the person you reply to will see the message):

Tap and hold the message you want to reply to, or scroll to the right,

Before typing a reply, tap the menu in the top right corner and tap “Reply privately”,
The answer you enter from the pop-up screen will only appear to that owner of the message you selected. His answers will likewise appear only to you.

11. Share photos on WhatsApp without falling resolutions:

Normally, when you send photos from WhatsApp, there is a significant decrease in image quality. Because of this optimization to facilitate sharing of photos and videos, the quality of the images sent or received is poor. But there is a way to overcome this obstacle:

To send a photo, touch Document, not Gallery,

Then select the photo (s) to send and send.
When you share in this way, your photos will not appear on the chat screen, they will open when you touch them. However, the image quality is preserved because no optimization is performed. The photos you send should not be larger than 16 MB.

11 Little Known Features in WhatsApp
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