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10 Trillion FPS Video to Display the Speed ​​of Light.

CalTech researchers were able to view the speed of light using a 10-trillion FPS camera that provided an incredibly slow shutter shot.

The universe has a speed limit and this speed limit is equal to the speed of light. It is not easy to view the speed of light because the light can reach 300,000 kilometers per second.

Researchers at CalTech, the California Institute of Technology, did exactly this by making a camera capable of capturing 10 trillion frames per second. The spectacular image was released by the YouTube publisher The Slow Mo Guys in the series Planet Slow Mo.

Virtualized video allows you to monitor the movements of light in slow motion. CalTech defines his inventions as the fastest camera in the world. Such a speed is needed to monitor the movement of the light.

The higher the FPS number of the T-Cup camera, the more it is compared to normal cameras. The FPS value of a normal camera is 30.

In the video, Peng Wang, a researcher, first begins recording 100 billion frames per second. As the video slows down step by step, Wang brings the camera to the maximum speed of 10 trillion FPS.

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