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10 phones emitting the most radiation were announced

The German Nuclear Safety Radiation Protection Office issued a list of the most radiation-emitting phones. Your mobile phone is not listed.

The German Nuclear Safety Radiation Protection Office has published a list of the most radios-emitting phones, completing the research they have done on hundreds of phones from the past. Evaluations were made on the unit called the ‘specific energy dissipation rate’.

More than 0.60-watt phones have been announced by the environmental organizations that invite cancer. According to this, we can say that the phones on the list may be dangerous. Let’s take a look at our list of Huawei’s six different phones without losing time:

10. Apple iPhone 7 (1,38 W)

9. Huawei P9 lite (1.38 W)

8. OnePlus 5 (1,39 W)

7. Huawei Nova Plus (1.41 W)

6. Huawei P9 (1.43 W)

5. Huawei GX8 (1,44 W)

4. Huawei P9 Plus (1,48 W)

3. Nokia Lumia 630 (1.51 W)

2. Huawei Mate 9 (1,64 W)

1. OnePlus 5T (1,68 W)

Yes, this is how we do it without a list … The most health-friendly phone is the Sony Xperia M5. The Xperia M5’s radiation is only 0.14 W. However, Google-generated phones are attracting attention with low radiation. In this context, if the radiation rate is important for you, you can opt for Sony and Google phones.

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