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10 Most Popular YouTube Channels in the World.

YouTube channels with the highest number of views in the world were announced.

Social Blade, a website that monitors social media statistics and analysis, especially YouTube, updates how many subscribers of the YouTube channel, the number of videos and the total number of views. Have you ever wondered which YouTube channel has the most views and subscribers?

India’s T-Series, which has recently become the world’s largest subscriber YouTube channel, leaving PewDiePie has become the world’s most watched YouTube channel with a total of 69 billion 662 million 281 thousand 700 views. PewDiePie, which is a closed subscriber with T-Series, is ranked 11th with 21 billion 372 million 203 thousand 641 views.

Another Indian TV channel, India India, SET India (Sony Entertainment Television India), is the second most watched channel with 32 billion 893 million 817 thousand 548 views. Third place is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) YouTube channel with 31 billion 949 million 543 thousand 663 views.

Turkey’s biggest YouTube channel which Netda Music, which has achieved so far with a total of 28 billion 939 million 212 thousand 803 total views that have to be monitored most of the world’s 5th position in the YouTube channel. Netd Music, which has a total of 13,718,055 subscribers, has added more than 9,000 videos to its channel.

10 Most Popular YouTube Channels in the World.
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