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10 Games which is on Discount over 75% at Steam Winter Discount.

We have listed the top rated games for you at Steam Winter Discounts.

Steam Winter Discounts continue unabated. As always, we have seen that thousands of games have gone into discounts up to 90%. Too many games in combination may have made you hesitant to choose between the games you choose for these discounts. That’s precisely why we offer special listings for Winter Discounts at certain times. The list we will present today will be the best games in Steam Winter Discounts, as you can see from the headline, below 75%.

Dark Souls 3

I was delighted to see this fiasco of the 2016 series of Dark Souls that succeeded in achieving a very solid mass despite the fact that the world was known as the most difficult game series. Game genre fanatics can give Dark Souls 3 a chance when the ready prices are down.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

The 2010 game of the Civilization series, as always, carries the most vast details of the strategy. Those who think that the 6th game last year is expensive can go to this game.

The Long Dark

Could you survive in a region where you have a cold? The Long Dark, a host of intense and compelling atmospheres, can be the game of choice for lovers of all kinds.

Quantum Break

With great graphics and successful story, Quantum Break was a boiling game. I suggest you give a chance to the Quantum Break, which is a decisive game, by eliminating the troubles that occurred during the first game.

Borderlands 2 Game of The Year

The game itself and along with the 9 DLC package, the Game of the Year version, has fallen into a Borderlands series. Since the game is kind of like people who are looking for difference, I suggest you to research first and then buy it if you like it.


In fact, I would not have listened to this game which has not been accessible since years, but I am sharing this because it is a nice alternative to people who do not have enough money for PUBG. Play H1Z1 and experience a PUBG-like Battle Royale adventure.

Valve Complate Pack

I am so accustomed to see in every discount period that it is no longer important. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Valve continue his policy of “my discount is my game”. In total there are 19 games in the pakette, incredible discounts. By the way, the regular price in the package is 6 dollars in CS: GO.

Age of Empires Legacy Bundle

Age of Empires 2 HD, 3 Age of Empires 2 DLC and Age of Empires 3: The Complete Edition, a very nice download for those who want to play this legendary game again.

Just Cause 3

I am not looking for a story in the vote, but if you are just looking for an action, I can say that this is the best game you can buy, Just Cause 3. If you want to destroy something with the successful graphics of the game, you can see a very good stress ball.

Total War: Attila

Would not Total War be on a listed list of civilization? I strongly recommend that you give the Total War series, one of the best battle strategy games in the world, a chance for the not so old Attila game. The game is one of the games that can still be considered up to date as it is released in 2015.


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