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10 Galaxy Note10 features that iPhone users might want to have

Samsung’s new flagships, the Galaxy Note10 series, which came out last day, came with many new features. Some of these features are enough to make jealous Note10 owners. We have listed these features of the Galaxy Note10 for you.

Samsung recently launched its new flagships Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 Plus. Very stylish and attracting attention with the new design of the models at least as much as the design of the interior equipment is quite remarkable. Apple and Samsung, two leading companies in the smartphone industry for years, continue to race with each new model they released.

Samsung, with the new flagships Apple has brought a lot of features to force. These innovations differ both in design and hardware from previous models. Let’s take a look at these new features that iPhone users may want to have on their devices.

1. Infinite screen design:

galaxy note10

Apple launched the iPhone X with its “endless display specifically for its tenth year, but for many, it wasn’t really an“ endless display göre. Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone XS designs; elegant and beautiful, but when you look at the screen/body ratio, this ratio does not even reach 90%. The Galaxy Note10 series offers a truly endless display experience.

2. The front camera on perforated screen:

galaxy note10

Recently, phone manufacturers have been constantly playing with the location of the front camera to give users a wider screen experience. The front camera position, which changes with notched screens, now goes a little further and looks like a small hole in the screen, trying to provide the widest possible screen experience. The iPhone still places its cameras in the form of a notch on the top of the screen.

3. On-screen fingerprint reader:

galaxy note10

You can say that you don’t need a fingerprint reader when you have Face ID, but most iPhone users think that the Touch ID is more practical than the Face ID. In the Galaxy Note10 series, these fingerprint readers are located at the bottom of the screen and work very quickly thanks to the ultrasonic sensors.

4. S Pen:

galaxy note10 s pen

The S Pen has been popular since the first generation of the Note series and has become the most important feature of the Note series. S Pen has received many updates over the years and has also gained unique features. The S Pen is a feature not only for iPhone users, but for every phone user who doesn’t have smart pen support.

5. 5G support:

5G networks, even if it is still in the early stages of the phone for someone who does not change these phones with 5G support is very important to come. Having a 5G-powered phone in 2019 may not be an advantage, but Samsung is aiming not to sacrifice its users in the years ahead. There is no 5G support on any of the iPhone, but it seems certain that the iPhone 11 will come.

6. Triple and quadruple-camera sensors:

Apple has been the leader in the industry with its camera performance on iPhones. Recently, Huawei, Google, and Samsung, Apple’s camera scores by updating sensors in the camera have left behind. The Galaxy Note10 series also features triple and quadruple-camera sensors that provide significant performance. The Galaxy Note10 has three camera sensors and the Note10 Plus has four sensors.

7. Connect to Windows:

Communication between Apple products works quite well. You can start a job on your phone and finish it on your Mac. This is, of course, a very nice feature, but only 10% can benefit from it because most people use a computer with a Windows operating system. The Galaxy Note10 series has a feature called ”Connect to Windows”. By connecting your phone to a Windows 10 computer, you can send messages, back up photos, and browse your notifications.

8. microSD card support:


This is in fact not limited to the Galaxy Note10 series. Apple users have been complaining about this for years. Although Samsung has followed Apple about the headphone jack, it has not yet withdrawn its microSD card support.

9. Superfast charge support:

Apple’s new iPhones can still charge up to 5 W if you don’t pay extra. If you want to buy an 18 W charger, you have to give Apple a new charger adapter for 41,70$, but 18 W is still behind the era. The Samsung Note10 series has a full 45W fast charge. The Galaxy Note10 can easily roll over a day with just a 30-minute charge.

10. Wireless PowerShare:

This excellent feature allows you to charge your device wirelessly by contacting other phones that support this feature or use your device as a power bank.

We came to the end of our list of Note10 series, which Samsung introduced a few days ago, which does not feature on iPhones. You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

10 Galaxy Note10 features that iPhone users might want to have
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