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The animal world is the only community that houses the world’s most mysterious living species.

Some of these species seem very cute to most people. No, I’m not talking about house birds or chicks. there are some species that seem innocent but so deadly.

10) Slow loris

Slow Loris is an arboreal and slow-moving animal. They are usually found in South East Asian countries. Slow Lorises have a protecting layer over their eyes, which goes by the name tapetum lucidum and It reflects the light. The lorises have poisons that can cause septic shocks with a touch on humans and become fatal if not intervene immediately.

9) Honey badger

Do not let this animal’s size trick you. It is a small carnivore living in the deserts of South Africa and Botswana. it also has the reputation of “the most fearless animal in the world”. These animals are a small dog size, but they feed on crocodiles, antilops, cobras harmful big snakes mangas.

8) Koala

Contrary to popular belief, they are not bear. they live in the trees of the Eucalyptus forests and need as little energy as possible. The weight of an adult koala is 9-14 kilograms, with sharp teeth and sharp jaws and sharp claws. It has been observed that under the threat all the energy they use for quick attacks.

7) Red Panda 

It is definitely an animal species you do not want to hug. Generally, lonely travelers have short relationships. They have 64 cm lenght  and have teeth designed for easy shredding of meats.

6) Cone Snail

Beautiful, complex-patterned, brown-white shells make them ideal for sea hunters. But you may not want to touch it. The cone snail discovered in Indonesia is also known as Anbonia. They release poison, which is powerful enough to kill even a human being. Moreover, the antidote was not able to produce against this animal’s venom.

5) Porcupine fish

Mumps, cute faces, and sizes can deceive you. They can fill their bodies with air and they want to look bigger to ward off the tear. When you touch, they do not have any damage, they become fatal when they are eaten. The amount of poison on a hedgehog can kill 30 adults people.

4) Poison Dart Frog 

This small and beautiful amphibian lives in the rainforests of Colombia and is extremely poisonous. They have about 5 cm of length and one individual’s poison is strong enough to kill 10 adults people.
The native Embera people of Colombia dip to the edge of these poison arrows. Because the moment it gets into the blood, sudden death happens.

3) Cape Buffalo

If you kill a member of Cape Buffalo, the other members of the herd probably will not stop until they kill you. They kill more hunts than other hunter animals in Africa.

2) Glossinidae

These annoying flies are found in Africa
and their bites can cause sleeping sickness. Symptoms include high fever, fatigue, muscle aches and headache. Over time they cause psychological disturbances, sleep disturbances, nerve seizures, and comas. Various medicines and needles have been produced to deal with bites.

1) Blue ring octopus 

The octopus that looks beautiful at this amazing level is considered one of the deadliest animals in the sea. Blue ring octopuses are normally a yellowish coloring but you may not see them in that original color. With the location where they live it can often be a brownish or a cream color that they will portray. The poison in the blue colored rings is deathly.  If the intervention is delayed, the result is death.


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