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These sets of questions called the Millennium Problems, question the basis of the most important concepts in terms of science history.

Mathematics was perhaps the lesson you did not like and you have been trying to escape from it all your life. Maybe you like and you get your life thanks to your mathematical knowledge. Leave a psychological breakdown of the reasons why mathematics is feared and its factors, and take a look at these questions.
In 2000, Clay Mathematics Entity, one of the world’s leading institutions on mathematics, issued 7 questions with the contest given by Millennium Problems. One of the questions, called the Poincare Prediction, was solved in 2006. Grigori Perelman, the mathematician who achieved this success, rejected both the award and the Fields medal.Here are the 6 great questions that he is still waiting for the solution.


this problem is one of the most basic and important problems of computer science. This question was asked by Mathematician Donald Knuth.

Someone write me a program that this program divides the square of the numbers 1 to 50 into two groups and the sums of the square roots of these two groups are as close to each other as possible.”
The letter P represents “polynomial” and the letters NP represent “non-deterministic polynomial”

Navier–Stokes Equation

This question is basically a series of differential equations for describing the motion of fluids, such as liquids and gases. The name comes from the scientists Claude-Louis Navier and George Gabriel Stokes who worked on this subject.

Equations are most useful for today’s scientific world. The resolver will be able to describe precisely how the physical movements of liquids and gases are connected to what happens. There is also a $1 million prize.

Equations emphasize the fact that the momentum changes affecting the mass in the fluid are equal to the sum of the frictional forces that cause pressure changes and friction losses.

Yang-Mills theory:

It is one of the most important problems related to quantum physics.

About 50 years ago, famous mathematicians Yang and Mills have developed a remarkable new skeletal rationale to describe simple particles using geometry-based constructs.

The Yang-Mills quantum theory is now the basis of most simple particle theory and enlightens present-day quantum technologies. Although the theory has been approved with different studies, there is still no scientifically satisfactory explanation. The problem requires the emergence of new ideas in the fields of physics and mathematics.

Riemann Hypothesis

The Riemann hypothesis, or Riemann Zeta Function, is one of the earliest questions of quantum mechanics and number theory. It has not been resolved since about 150 years.

Mathematicians say that it is not so important to get a prize money. Because the name of the successful person, the scientific achievement will be written in gold letters.

Maybe you will be the one who will provide valuable information about the mysterious distribution of prime numbers.

Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture

it is fascinating for mathematicians that these equations give exact results. The basis on which these assumptions are based is that the exact solutions of such equations are not real solutions.

If solved, it turns out that the basic mathematics actually works with virtual results.

Hodge Conjecture

It’s an easy question that explains how complex structures are formed by going out from simple parts. It is about the origins of algebraic geometry and how they are formed by algebraically identifiable objects. Take the equation y=x.x very simply. You can recall that this equation has a shape in the coordinate plane.

Analytical knowledge and geometrical equipment is an extremely difficult question to predict


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