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WhatsApp forward in group lands ‘default’ admin in jail for 5 months

Messaging application WhatsApp is causing phenomena in India that are precedent to the whole world. A 21-year-old is in prison for months because he has been automatically appointed as a manager after leaving the manager in a WhatsApp group, where he is a member.

The digital world has to be extremely sensitive in relation to legal sanctions, so these areas are highly specialized. The Indian police-sanctioned a prison sentence for the manager of a WhatsApp group in which suspicious actions were organized. The odd thing is that after the statements made by the family of the genocide jailed for being the manager of the group.

According to the allegation, a young group of 21 years old was a member of the group but not the manager. When the real manager left the group after the investigations started, WhatsApp chose the manager automatically as the young. Despite these statements, the police said they were acting according to the evidence in their hands.

There is also the fact that at the center of the event, the group is of course a kind of action group. The genus name Junaid is said to be not guilty by his family. Even if Junaid is a member of this group, it may be possible to include the group outside his or her own will. It is very easy to join WhatsApp groups in digital environment. It is possible to join the group by clicking on a simple link. The algorithm of the application also leaves the original administrator group, then automatically assigns another member as administrator.

Junaid’s cousin Farukh says the genie is not a manager when he sends a message to the group. Police insist that the managers of such groups could actually be ringleaders.

Whatever the end of this event is, there are some lessons we need to take. We can not know that Junaid is guilty or innocent, but we can say that such an event can easily happen in every region. Imagine that the name of a WhatsApp group you are including on the Internet suddenly turned into a terrorist organization. When the real executives of the group are separated, people who have been involved in conversation without even knowing it can be declared guilty.

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