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Vitamin E and Hormone

Vitamin E can help play an important role in stabilizing your endocrine and nervous system, naturally helping to stabilize your hormones.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can include PMS, weight gain, allergies, urinary tract infections, changes in the skin, anxiety, and fatigue. By keeping your hormones in balance, it promotes healthy weight loss and makes you feel more energetic. E Vitamin Enhances Physical Resistance and Muscle Power

Vitamin E can be used to increase physical strength. Once you exercise, it can increase your energy and decrease the level of oxidative stress in your muscles. Vitamin E can also increase muscle strength. Vitamin E accelerates blood circulation and removes fatigue from the center; At the same time it can strengthen your capillary walls and feed your cells.

E Vitamin??

? Most people get enough Vitamin E from their food. Good sources of vitamin E include:
* Vegetable oils
* Green leafy vegetables like spinach
* Reinforced grains and other foods
* Eggs
* Hazelnut

Vitamin E and Hormone
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