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Two Useful Innovations for Netflix’s iOS Application

Netflix iOS App Gains Unobtrusive Volume Indicator and 10-Second Double Tap Controls for Some Users

Netflix is preparing to go with the new changes in the iOS app. These two new features, which seem to make it easier for users to use the app, are expected to be active for all users soon.

Netflix suddenly became an indispensable part of our lives where it is now. The platform, which has always kept eye on the mobile application, has recently made a few improvements to the iOS application. These innovations are not accessible to everyone yet, but some lucky users are already using it. The features are not so revolutionary, but rather simple. But it is very useful in terms of ease of use.

These innovations, which consist of two small features that come to the fore in the middle, allow us to back up or rewind the videos with two small strokes. When we tap right twice for forward and twice for left, the video performs a 10-second wrap. If you’re using YouTube on your iOS device, this feature will be quite familiar to you, because that’s exactly what happened there.


The other innovation is the new audio indicator that will be on the screen. With this sound indicator, iOS users will have the option to turn on / off the sound outside the buttons. Although it is not known how many innovations are yet to be made, there is no information as to whether different changes will be offered. But it’s clear that Netflix is starting to test the features, which means we’ll see them update soon.

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