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Trex may have used its long feet for stealthy surprise attacks

For decades, new findings have emerged about Tyrannosaurus Rex, the subject of horror and adventure films.

Tyrannosaurus is a genus of large, hunter dinosaurs that lived 65 million years ago and whose skulls were longer than 1 meter. The group’s largest and best-known type is Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of the tyrant lizards. T-Rex; he was a creature with small hands, walking on the hind legs, having a length of 14 meters, providing a balance with his tail and finding 7 tons of weight. It is estimated to have lived in India, China, North and South America.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was too big and too heavy, so it was very possible for him to shake the ground as he walked. According to recent studies by scientists, it is estimated that T-Rex pressing on the ground is not random but rhythmic. In this way, by pressing the ground rhythm seismic waves forming T-Rex, prey by making the wrong way to catch prey in a stalking could catch the prey.

Large-scale animals create seismic waves that shake the ground with every step they throw. Other animals also feel these seismic waves. For example, elephants; listen to seismic waves from the ground and respond to these waves by creating new seismic waves with their feet. T-Rex, the most dominant animal of his time, is thought to have been hunted using this method.

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