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Tigers are dying #bbc

Due to various reasons from this past to the present day, many living snakes are left with the danger of extinction. Dinosaurs, pandas, now came to the tigers.

Due to the living conditions and the unconscious behavior of people, some living species are faced with the depletion of their voice. Actually, this process is not new. This cycle from past to present continues to the tigers now. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said that the number of tigers living in the world has declined to 3900.

The tigers we admire in the zoological gardens, which we often see in the documentaries, are actually part of our lives. The tigers, who took part in various advertisements, news and series, were a definition of strength and elegance for humanity. The tiger species that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has now received on the red list is quite few in the country.

Peak of Eastern Europe Covered with Orange Snow
The tiger species, whose existence is known to be as old as man, first spread from Asia to the rest of the world. In addition, the predatory species known to be located at the top of the food pyramid survived by feeding on lower-order species. The tigers, called ‘umbrella species’, were also proof that nature was in balance. So you will understand that this exhaustion may be the messenger of the fact that things go wrong in nature.

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