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The giant ‘pac-man’ that could gobble up plastic from the ocean

The amount of waste in the ocean, which is one of the biggest problems of our planet, is increasing day by day. In recent years, a number of cleanup projects have been added. The target is ambitious until 2040, when 90% of the ocean surface wastes are collected. How does this system work?

The plastics began to be observed even in the deepest part of the world’s waters, at about 11 kilometers deep in the Mariana Falls. This problem, which concerns all the states of the world, negatively affects the ecosystem of the ocean, and therefore the chain of human life. In recent years, plastics that reach hundreds of pounds in weight have begun to emerge from the mullions of whales. Animals consume these wastes as nutrients.

It is possible to solve the waste problem in the ocean, in the long run by means of recycling plastic wastes. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to remove existing wastes from water. At this point, there is a need for projects that will function in vast seas.

Researchers prioritize the collection of wastes from the Great Ocean, called the Great Garbage Patch:

600 meters long U-shaped pipes will be cleaned of surface wastes. Initial tests of the designs were also completed. The system, which collects wastes in a similar way to the legendary games Pac-Man of a time, reduces all foreign matter that accumulates to depths of 3 meters from the surface into the trap.

The system passed by the Ocean Cleanup company will be autonomous from start to finish. So the system will continue to work independently of people. Boyan Slat, CEO of the company, says that the system will be dragged like wastes with winds and ripples. All work is scheduled to start in the next two months.

The target is to collect 90% of the surface wastes in the ocean until 2040. During this time, the wastes that accumulate in the internal pool of the system will be dumped to the ground by ships every few months. The landfills will be collected in one place for recycling.

At the same time, 60 different systems will begin to see. The dimensions of the wastes to be collected range from micro-dimensions measured by minimometers to large widespread wastes. Even giant ghost nets placed by fishermen without permission will be victims of this project.

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