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The game of 6 dollars on Steam was completely free for a short period!

The Guns Of Icarus Alliance game, which was sold at $ 24 on Steam, was free for a short time via the Humble Bundle. You can play on Steam by taking the game for free.

We are adding some new ones to our free gaming content that we are looking for from time to time. The Guns Of Icarus Alliance game on the Humble Bundle, which you can play on Steam, found its buyers earlier than $ 24. At this point, you are now free to access the game by holding your hand quickly.

Before you get to where you can access the game, let’s talk about the game in a short way. If you enjoy playing multi-player games, the game is a complete game. You can conquer the whole sky with a good tool and a righteous combination in the way you enter into a world that will be shaped by you. Now let’s see how you will have the game for free.

How to download Guns Of Icarus Alliance?

If you do not have a Humble Bundle account first, click here to open a new account yourself, if you have an account you have to log in this account. After completing the tedious process, you can reach the Guns Of Icarus Alliance’s Humble Bundle page by clicking here.
Click the “Add to Cart” button.

The game was added to the basket. Click on the basket icon in the upper right corner.

The drop-down window contains the products you buy. Once you have checked it, click “Get it for free!”

After completing this process, you will receive a mail from your registered email account from Humble Bundle. You go to this moon.

After you, open Mail, click on the Download Now button.

Scroll to the bottom of the new page that opens. At the bottom is a window with your Steam key. Click here where the Steam icon is located.

We reached the code of the game. We need to confirm this code by entering the Steam account. So you copy the code.

To do this, you have to go to the menu at the top of Steam> Games> Steam in the Product Activation section.

After that, go to the Product Code section, and paste the code given by the Humble Bundle.

If you say go ahead again the game is added to your Steam account.

Now that you have completed all the transactions in order, you now have 24 TL worth of games for free. It is up to us to wish you enjoyable games at this point. If you are a complete game monster, do not forget to follow us for another free game.

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