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The “Father of Artificial Intelligence” Says Singularity Is 30 Years Away

With the development of artificial intelligence, the emergence of a smarter machine (a technological life form?) Than human beings is seen as an inevitable point in the flow of time. Some allegations, however, say that at this time the flow remains at a point in time relative to the destination.

If we sit at the desk of Ray Kurzweil, we can believe that The singularity will take place in 2045. If we act together with Louis Rosenberg, we can draw this date about 15 years ago, 2030. Patrick Winston of MIT points a bit closer to Kurzweil: 2040. The most important point shared by these three precious scientists is undoubted “The singularity”, that is, “The hypothetical point which is believed that artificial intelligence in the future will transcend human intelligence and radically change civilization and human nature.”

Do all these three scientists have a history? Humanity has developed technology for centuries. For a long time, I have been working on artificial intelligence and the result is not very satisfactory. Is there a time difference of 15 years in this context? Or is the real problem really close to your technological singularity?

Jürgen Schmidhuber, who is the founding partner and chief scientist of the artificial intelligence company NNAISENSE, who is called “The Father of Artificial Intelligence” by many people, and the director of IDSIA of the Swiss Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Switzerland, explained that the technological uniqueness is about 30 years away. Schmidhuber said that if research is not interrupted, we can see cognitive devices that have as many brains as our brain but that are faster and cheaper.

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Think of a cheap device with a system as advanced as the human brain. This idea can only become a reality after 50 years. Schmidhuber said there would be a lot of these devices and that artificial intelligence would become super-intelligent.

Today, the world faces very complex challenges from global warming to the refugee crisis. All of these, in time, stand out as problems that will affect everything on the planet in a profound and irreversible manner. But the real shocking change will affect how we react to each of these crises and it will happen elsewhere. “All this complexity is against the really important development of the century, and much more than an industrial revolution,” Schmidhuber said. He used the expressions “It is something that transcends humanity and life.”

When biological evolution emerged from chemical evolution, a random composition of simple, lifeless elements, 3.5 billion years ago, led to the emergence of planetary species today. Schmidhuber used the expressions “Now the universe takes a similar step from lower complexity to higher complexity” and said, “And it will be great.” What do you think is the technological singularity soon?

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