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Tesla shuts down Model 3 assembly again to fix bottlenecks

Tesla, who could not solve the problems in the production line of Model 3, stopped production temporarily. In order to improve the production line, the company aims to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Tesla stopped production for a short period of time in order to avoid any problems in the production of the Model 3. Tesla took such a decision to solve the bottleneck in the production line, said that the production of Model 3 for 4-5 days will not be done. The company also made a similar pause in February, when we passed. Following this pause in February, it was mentioned that from time to time such and such interruptions would be made to improve the production line.

When introducing a new vehicle model, Tesla says that the move is natural in order to increase production rates. According to analyst Dave Sullivan, this cut-off after 9 months from the start of the vehicle’s production is not normal.

Following this production cut by Tesla, the company’s shares fell by 1% and are currently trading at $ 287. The likelihood that the troubles experienced in the production of Tesla Model 3 lead the company to a crime is being raised by various analysts. Tesla, unable to meet the demand for Model 3, hopes to overcome production problems in the shortest time possible. So what do you think? How long will Tesla’s production crisis last?

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