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Russian hypersonic fuzzy ‘Kinjal’ passed 12 tests successfully

According to the CNBC report, Russia can use its production hypochondriasis when it wants to.

According to a report by CNBC channel, the hypersonic missile defense system developed by Russia and announced by Vladimir Putin to the public on 1 March succeeded in completing 12 tests successfully. Thus, Russia, which included a new fuzzy in the envarterine, also gave an eye to its competitors in this sense.

According to the statement about the hypersonic missile system, MiG-31 has been successfully completed in 12 tests with named fighter planes, and it is announced that the developments have been made so that Kinjal can be used against bombers. The news that the last test was carried out this month, the channel noted, had successfully shot a target 800 kilometers away from the fuse. As will be remembered, Russia has used long-range Tu-22M3 bombers for testing before, and has done various experiments with the Kinjal fighter installed in the airplanes. According to the announcement, Tu-22M3s will be able to carry four of these fulleres once the system is fully ready.

The “Invincible” named weapons system, which Vladimir Putin described on 1 March in his speech to the Bundestag and which was developed by Russian scientists, has been on the agenda before. Part of this weapon system in question was the Kinjal hypersonic wave. It was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Kinjal fighters would be used by air forces and sent to forces south of the country for delivery.

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