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Next-gen spoked magnet design spins up cheaper, lighter, more powerful electric motor

Ian Foley’s next project, which was a big contributor to the Formula 1 races, With magnetic designs, electric motors are cheaper, lighter and stronger.

British engineer Ian Foley has made considerable contributions to the Formula 1 races. For example, he designed the active suspension systems for Lotus, the Formula 1 kit, and the KERS system for Williams.

Foley has switched over to electrical technology systems in recent years. In the system that Foley did, the wheel tongues in the center are powered by an electric motor. Foley said the same system would be smaller and less costly than a standard system. However, it also claims that the system can make torque, power density and cooling at the same time.

The only problem with this system is cooling. It is very difficult to keep the magnets in this system arrangement constant and keep a high mood and keep it cool. Using more expensive magnets, this system can be compensated for, for example, as the temperature of the neodymium increases, it can quickly compensate for this heat.

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