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NASA watches the raging California wildfires from space, and here’s what they look like

Recently, there are many natural disasters, especially forest fires, in many parts of the world, and the world of science has turned their eyes to these events.

Climate change is one of the topics that has been most involved in recent days because there has been an incredible increase in the number of disasters in the world since summer began and everyone is looking for the cause of this anomaly. NASA is one of the agencies that review disasters from a distance and shares information on the subject and makes various explanations. It was also very important news that the effect of the storm in Japan by NASA in the past days was to be ascertained by looking at satellite images.

Fire images captured by NASA’s satellites Terra
Lastly, NASA has provided a lot of information about the progress and impact of the fire by examining the forest fires, which are not controlled for days in California, and which are adversely afflicted with civilian life, through satellite images. In this way, the public can be warned much earlier than the direction of the fire, and possible deaths and major damages will be prevented.

Important Information About Weather Events in Turkey from NASA Expert
At the same time, the smoke emitted by the fire zone can also be taken precautions against the effects of the folk smoke in the fire area, thanks to the satellite images that can be obtained from the ground. In the future, NASA will try to collect information from satellite images and try to leave the forest fires with minimal damage.

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