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Listen to the soothing sounds of Martian wind collected by NASA’s InSight lander

The spacecraft Insight, which recently landed on Mars, delivered the first sound recordings of the red planet to Earth.

Last week, NASA’s Insight, which made a successful landing to the red planet’s Elysium Planitia, completed its preparations for surface excavations and exploration photographs. NASA officials were expecting a variety of selfies from the vehicle.

Insight doesn’t actually have the necessary hardware to be able to record audio, at least it’s not programmed to intentionally record audio. However, the pressure sensors and seismometers on the device were produced with the capacity to detect sudden changes in the wind blowing around. In this way, the air pressure sensor located on the flat dome of the device carried out a normal sound recording to the ears. “If you had gone to Mars, what kind of environment would you face?” To be able to answer the question, some recording of the audio record had to be made.

NASA officials said Insight is now listening to the planet like a giant ear and listening to the sound of the wind. If you want to hear the sounds of the red planet which we have been curiously exploring for years, you can listen to the sound of Mars from the video below (you can hear the clear sounds after the minute exceeds 1.10).

Are you surprised? I think you’re trying to understand what sounds like a lot of people differ from the normal wind sound. Let us say: There is no difference. Like a lot of things discovered in space, the rocks, the sound of the wind, have a certain uniformity. In the first place they don’t have the differences you can see with your eyes or your ears.

Let’s note for those who wonder. The wind that you listen to is a wind that blows from the northwest of the planet and comes with heavy clouds of dust. In 2020, NASA will launch the MARS 2020 Rover. Unlike Insight, this tool will be equipped with microphones capable of recording high-quality audio. Who will be able to hear the voice of the Martians in the near future.

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