How to access the PlayStation Classic’s secret emulator

Even though it is welcomed with great interest all over the world, the PlayStation Classic has created a hidden setting menu, which is somewhat disappointing in our country.

Although the PlayStation Classic looks like a great miniature version of the original version, there is only one emulator underneath it. As such, Sony has concealed a menu in which you can still access the settings you cannot do.

How to Open the Hidden Menu?

First you need to connect a USB keyboard to the console.
Interestingly, you can now open the menu with Logitech and Corsair keyboards.
After selecting the game from the menu and seeing the PS logo, you press the ESC button.
At this stage, you can make various settings.

YouTuber, uploading the video, talks about how things are interfering with the settings as they can become inoperable. In this sense, if you have a console, it is worth noting that it is not too much to dig into what these settings are.

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