How Long Would It Take To Travel From One End Of The Universe To The Other At Light Speed?

If the universe has a diameter of 93 billion light years, according to the latest findings of modern science, how long does it take to fly from one end to the other with a light-speed vehicle? Things do not happen as quickly as you think. 93 billion light-years from end to end. At the very least, this is the distance we can measure with modern science techniques. There is also the fact that the universe is constantly expanding. In fact, 93 billion light years in shallow terms does not make much sense, it only gives an impression. It is difficult to express the measure of a constantly expanding universe with a fixed number.
If you travel at the speed of light, you never get to the other end of the universe. For this reason theoretically your journey will be infinite, you will never reach it, you will be moving towards one end. At the same time there are some indoor areas even if you travel at light speed in the environment. It is said that these enclosures are beyond the so-called “cosmic event horizon”. For example, black holes can not see them with the naked eye because they are beyond the horizon. We can only prove their existence by observing the effects they create around them. In these regions, you can not perform the travel action. If you want to travel across the universe, the point you want to reach will not change until you approve it because it is constantly moving forward. The most beautiful narrative that will help you in this regard is the Achilles and turtle paradox:  
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One day, Achilles and a turtle want to compete. Because Achilles is extremely athletic and fast, he tells the turtle to start 100 meters from the front. Achilles is 10 times faster than the giant turtle. At the start of the race, the Achilles unit reaches the point where the tortoise begins the race. During this time, the tortoise went as far as 1 in 10 of Achilles. So there is a difference of 10 meters between Achilles and turtle. After a short time the Achilles reached 110 meters, during which time the turtle traveled again, 1 meter ahead. Events continue to evolve this way, Achilles never catches a turtle. Because he is always as much as one in 10 of the distance he takes. This situation is intuitively horrible, but scientifically correct. Briefly, it is impossible to get from one end of the universe to another. There will also be gaps beyond the event horizon, in which the realities in your way are unknown.
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