How is Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s battery performance of 4000mAh?

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note9 released its comparative graphics with its competitors for those who are curious about the charging time and battery performance.

Charge times for smartphones and how long they charge are even more important. Even if the smartphone usage habit is growing day by day and if it is thought that a big breakthrough has not been made in this direction, even the small charging performance differences between phones are important.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ile ilgili gârsel sonucu


Let’s take a look at how the Note9, which was announced on its 4000 mAh battery, compares with its competitors.


100% Charging Time of Use


% 100 Charar Access Time (Minutes)


As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is neither behind nor in front of the competition regarding battery life and battery life. On the contrary, if we consider that Note9 has the largest screen with 6.4 inches of this list, it’s not a bad score. Of course, how much of the 4000 mAh battery promotions made at launch will be discussed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ile ilgili gârsel sonucu

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