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History of Coffee

The coffee, which has become a lifestyle for some of us, will have a pleasant drink that can be enjoyed every hour of the day. Do you know the history of bans or prohibitions on this delicious drink?

There are people who do not like as much as they love it, but coffee is a type of beverage that can be passed on to most people even for meals. Turkish cooking with its cooked style has a traditional structure in our country, but various kahves can also take care of it. Especially during the conversation, this drink, which you do not understand how it ended, was exposed to many illegal acts until these days. Here is the history of the cupcake with prohibitions.

1. Prussia

As we have mentioned before, we had various obstacles in coffee time with interesting reasons for each other. So, in 1777, Prussian Ambassador Frederick issued a statement stating the superiority of one’s coffee. According to Frederick, the beer had a more soothing effect, and everyone had to have a beer for breakfast. “His Majesty also chose beer,” the Ambassador said, believing that coffee shops had a negative impact on beer consumption.

2. Sweden

In 1746, Sweden, which opened the war on coffee, moved the situation one step further and forbade the use of all equipment used in making coffee. The government, which confiscated even coffee cups, did not neglect to do various experiments on convicted killers. The doctors who drank coffee for the prisoners and observe how long they were going to die were very sick from the experiment, but the prisoners were quite happy with this experiment.

3. Italy

As with every new thing, coffee was welcomed with suspicion during its first appearance. When the coffee came to Europe in the 16th century, the clergy wanted this drink to be evil and to be banned. However, VIII. The Pope loved the drink and even asked him to be baptized. Later, with the contribution of the pope, coffee spread rapidly in Europe.

4. Mecca

Coffee was also not tolerated here and was banned in 1511. Coffee was also banned in Mecca because it would trigger radical thoughts and the society’s thinking structure would change. The government, considering that it had a stimulating effect on the shrimp, approached the coffee shop because it knew that some Sullivan denominations were serving this drink in funeral ceremonies.

5. Istanbul

Now let me come to my country; coffee was first banned by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent in the Ottoman period. The cause was shown to cause uproar in the cup. Then the board IV. Murat came and quickly ordered the prohibition of coffee, and coffee drinkers were given beatings. However, the government, which does not stay with it, is strangled when a person is caught drinking coffee for the second time, throwing it in the Bosphorus. Everything changed so much from the days when the coffee shop owners were executed. Nowadays coffee is taking place in our lives as a drink that is drunk many times during the day.

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