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Greenhouse gases surge to new highs worldwide in 2017: US report

We all know that our planet is in great danger, especially in recent years, and that global warming is showing its height. According to a new US report released at this point, since 2017, our planet is struggling with the effects of greenhouse gases.

Global warming threatens our planet as much as our country. According to a new US report published on Wednesday at this point, our planet is faced with the abnormal effects of greenhouse gases. The published report contains some very bad news for us, considering that the glaciers in the Arctic melt and the changes in the climate have reached record levels.

The Climate Report, compiled by more than 450 scientists from more than 600 countries, reveals worsening climate conditions after 2017. A 300-page climate report in which the words abnormal, storm, drought and scorching heat in general are used dozens of times; three of the most dangerous gas in the country reached record levels. Gases, called carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxides, have seen these levels 800 years ago.

Seeing the highest temperature in the world in May, Turbat reached a value of 128.3 Fahrenheit. In addition to this, our warming planet is causing the warming of the oceans to the warmth and therefore of the massive ice masses in the North Pole. There is a balance of nature as it is in every area, but as we have seen, this balance is getting worse and shifting the world’s attention. On the other hand, we can say that if we are going to be notified of the increasingly similar news in recent days, we are experiencing the last bit of struggle to have our planet.

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