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Google said to be planning on launching censored search engine in China

Banned by the Chinese government, Google has censored the search engine for use in China and released a new version. The new version expected to be approved; democracy and human rights.

Forbidden in China, Google has been planning to launch the censored “Dragonfly” version of China since the spring of 2017. In the version specially designed for China, terms related to China sites, human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protesters will be blacklisted to prevent access.

The new application created by Google for China fits into the tight censorship laws of the country, preventing access to content that Xi Jinping’s Communist Party regime finds inappropriate. China’s search engine blocked website list by Firewall was automatically added to the new version of Google and automatically filtered. This new search app also will not show any results when users enter certain words or phrases by taking sensitive queries on the blacklist.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai gained momentum after an interview with senior Chinese government officials. Google programmers and engineers have also announced the development of a special Android app called Maotai and Longfei and a different version. What is interesting is that while the Chinese government has already reviewed the latest version of the practice, it will be six to nine months for approval. If Google can get approval from the authorities – we will have access to a very large audience – based on China’s population.

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