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Futuristic ‘magic’ mirror from entrepreneurs

We all need a mirror, regardless of whether young or old, male or female. At this point, a technology that extends to every field is now creating magic mirrors that will give information about your body.

Everyone can be found in various and relative interpretations about our appearance or weight. However, the vehicle that gives us the most honest answer is mirrored. In this context, we have been developing magic mirrors for years to know about our bodies, even though we do not know them. The ‘magic’ mirror in the first steps taken in California-based Naked Labs; your weight, your neck, the width and length of your limbs, and even your height-weight ratio.

The futuristic mirror, which will give you precise information about your body, is shown as a technological approach to health and well-being rather than a bathroom tool. The ritual, starting with a device that stands in front of the mirror and begins to hold your body correctly in the same direction, ends with the sending of your information to your smartphone. For the moment, the device makes a lot of promise, promising the future for the future.

Naked Labs officials, who are from the creators of the product and talked about the subject, said it is a value they will share in the social media as well as being a fitness equipment device. In other words, according to the developers, people will share their values in the social media, which will lay the groundwork for the creation of a new stream over time.

In addition to all this, the product is now on the market and the price of the label is set. The mirror with features that can be tried with futuristic and so ‘magic’ waiting for 1395 dolaş buyers can be used especially in health institutions and doctor offices.

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