Former Tesla employees sue the company alleging discrimination, harassment, and a system where SolarCity employees faked sales numbers

Tesla’s three former energy sales representatives claim that the San Diego County Supreme Court has been exposed to harassment, discrimination and inadequate concrete in the case against the company on July 25th.

Three former employees of Tesla’s energy company SolarCity sued the company for harassment, discrimination, and insufficient wages. In a statement made by Tesla, he said the plaintiffs’ allegations of ill-treatment and discrimination were not true. “Tesla is absolutely opposed to any kind of discrimination, harassment or any kind of unfair treatment against anyone or anything, and we are very serious as if our worries were brought to our attention by our employees.” expressions were used.

According to employees’ statements, some energy salespeople are claiming to create false sales accounts that could lead to unfair bonuses and an unreasonable appreciation of SolarCity. The Tesla representative stated that there was no evidence to prove the alleged potential sales accounts in the case. Davis claims that Andrew Staples was subjected to homophobic behavior by an auditor because of his sexual orientation.

Staples informed more than one manager and Musk about the allegations of ill-treatment but the managers did not punish the auditor. Another Tesla representative said that Staples did not report any discrimination or harassment to the company due to sexual orientation while working there. Robert Ray from the plaintiffs was allegedly subjected to discrimination due to age and removed from his work.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve

    4 August 2018 at 21:37

    I worked for Tesla SolarCity in the San Diego office. The office was horrible. It was falling apart and many were being harassed, being gay among other reasons. The pay was never correct either, always having to fight to correct our paychecks. I also knew of those who were falsifying accounts to make sales look stronger than they were. Many of us complained but management didn’t care. Worst company I ever worked for!

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