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Flat-Earthers Think You Can’t Fall Off The Edge Because We Live in a Pac-Man World

Straight-earthers who have not been able to find any evidence of the straight line of the Earth so far have all argued that we are living in a Pac-Man world to explain the journey from east to west.

Over the weekend we had over 200 ‘straight-on planners from all over the world’ coming to England came together for the Straits World Congress. “People are awakening,” said event organizer Gary John, “curiosity is rising against straight world theories, and people are suspicious of government.”

Speaker of the conference, Darren Nesbit, told us that we all live in a world of Pac-Man, saying that the world does not turn out when we look outside in 2014 and that he believes that those who go to the South Pole should be upside down in a global world.

If we lived in a flat world, we could not make a full tour of the world from east to west or west to east. Nesbit responded with the theory of ‘Pac-Mac effect’ that the flat worlds could not find a consistent answer. According to Nesbit, when we reach the eastern or western border of the Earth, we are reborn on the opposite side.

As you can imagine, Nesbit has no evidence in this regard. But we do not need to provide evidence to reject the theories of those who do not accept the current evidence and want to have their uninformed theories accepted. They tell us that we’re all in a Pac-Man game, throwing all the laws of physics on top of one another, and plain-minded enough to explain how serious we should be at the level.

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