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China could face deadly heat waves due to climate change

As you know, climate change has become a big problem for the whole world. We are trying to cope with disproportionate heat and cold, now we will struggle with deadly heat.

Wherever you are in the world, it is quite possible that you will face global warming. The heat, which has already influenced China, can cause death around, according to the work done. If China, the most crowded place in the world, is exposed to this kind of influence, the size of the people experiencing it may have an even greater effect.

In addition to the individual influences of individuals, vital areas such as agriculture and livestock can also reach extinction if measures are not taken immediately. Scientists, especially in the Persian Gulf and South Asia, claim that the effects of lethal heat can be felt, but the warmth has been shown to have an impact all over the world, even though it does not reach deadly levels.

Researchers who went to various measures to get rid of these effects found that the remedy was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The risky situation for the Chinese people will be alleviated to some extent with the reduction of this gas, perhaps the destruction. Likewise, if we turn the mirror to ourselves, it lives quite warm days in Turkey in recent days. The rains of the rains lighten the heat a little, but the temperature is generally high throughout the country.

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