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Posture; Bone, joint, muscle, tendon joints are able to hold the body and spirit in a simple way when it is moving or stationary against gravity.

To put it briefly, we can also say that someone is standing flat. There are two different types of products. These varieties are called active posture and inactive posture. Besides, the active posture is divided into two different types within itself. The active post product varieties entered the medical literature as static and dynamic postures.

This concept, which is called body posture in its shortest form, takes into consideration when the body is moving and when the body is not moving. Such that inactive posture involves the position of the body in moments of sleep and rest where the body is inactive. Active posture is divided into dynamic and static. Dynamic posture, postures are taken by the body for movement are addressed. Another type of static posture is that the muscles in the body are stretched against the irresistible gravity.

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Posture analysis plays an important role in understanding whether there is a postural disorder in the subject. These parts include names such as examination of joint movements, flexibility tests of muscles, plane and axis analysis and position evaluations in anatomical structure. Nowadays, social life has become faster than in the past and constant rushing has increased posture disorder situations.

With the investigations made, posture disorders that are very common today, ” kyphosis’ ‘, known as” kyphosis’ ‘known in the society,’ ‘lordoz’ ‘, which is also known as a pit waist in society,’ scoliosis’, which is the state where the spine is bowing to the right or left side, X leg syndrome ” genu valgum ‘ , That leg syndrome ” genu varum ” is the main posture

FİTNESS,creative commons ile ilgili görsel sonucu


May occur due to past accidents or crashes In school years, children are carrying heavy backpacks, carrying bags on one shoulder, not being suitable for schools, and the wrong way of sitting are effective reasons.

  • ?  Disorders caused by children who develop rapidly during puberty due to their lack of attention to their own posture or by their inclination to walk forward due to their attention.
  • ?  In business life, sitting on a chair for a long time, not looking at the computer screen at an appropriate distance, it also affects the head of the screen.
  • ? This is where most of the posture disorders are due to the unique movements of each profession group. It can not be expected that the position of a person working in a heavy job is the same as that of a person carrying out a job at a table. But posture disorders can occur in the same way.

FİTNESS,creative commons ile ilgili görsel sonucu

  • ? The used corsets, very tightly worn out clothes, the belt wear frequency, the wrong shoes used can cause stalling disturbances.
  • ?  Inactivity and tiredness, due to the relationship between the brain and the muscles of the shoulders to stay permanent over time.
  •  ? The weakness of the waist, abdomen and back muscles can cause upper-zone problems, and weakness of the legs, feet and hip muscles can cause sub-zone problems.
  • ?  One of the most important reasons for posture disorders is the incorrectly planned exercise program. Frequent activation of the anterior group muscles and exclusion of the posterior group muscles cause serious problems. Postural Disorder Could Cause
  • ?  At the beginning of the most complained subjects are the chronic neck, shoulder, back and back pain.
  • ? The problem of cooking may arise in later ages.
  • ? The problem of low and forward curvature on the shoulders may cause the vessels and nerves passing under the shovel to contract.

?Most importantly, image impairment can psychologically affect the person and cause abstinence

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