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Apple offers free repairs for iPhone 7 devices that refuse to connect to cellular service

Apple entered turbulent times in 2018 after passing through 2017 with problems and speculation. The current agenda of the company is iPhone 7, which is experiencing ‘mobile data’ problem …

Apple’s problems with the iPhone have begun to “deliberately slow down devices” over the past year. Nowadays, Apple is faced with a problem that is now considered chronic for the iPhone 7: ‘Mobile data is not working.’

Apple has acknowledged that mobile data cannot be run at all on a small percentage of iPhone 7’s. Although the details are not shared by the company, it is a chronic problem that once the device has been taken into the airplane mode, even if the airplane mode is turned off, the mobile data is not activated. Even if Apple does not share any information about this software yet, users who experience this problem will be able to repair their device without paying any fees.

We do not know how satisfied Apple is for users who already have a relatively new opinion that a phone that is out on the new market will offer a free repair to its already guaranteed customers for the ‘No Service’ issue. It looks like 2018 is going to be tough for Apple. As a matter of fact, the dark clouds over the company will not easily disperse.

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